Graphic design

Need a new design for a logo, graphic "T", Banner...etc? Whatever your design needs are, Savage MMG has you covered with professional artwork and quick turn around times so you can keep those seemingly impossible deadlines.


Are you ready to take your brand, name, logo or design to the mass market? Then consider Savage MMG for all your merchandising needs. We do custom print clothing, lettering on products, wood engraving and so much more. We even offer custom labeling and packaging. 


We offer a variety of different promo materials such as banners, signs, window lettering, and much more. See how Savage MMG can help you draw in more business.

Studio Recording

 Are you a voice actor, vocalist, hip-hop artist, or do you have a full band and would like to start your recording career? Savage MMG is the place for you to be. Call us to find out more about studio time booking and prices.

Spot production


Are you or your business looking to produce a commercial? Whether it is a visual spot or an audio spot, we can get the production you and your business/product need.

Podcasting is a form of audio media (like radio) that has recently taken off. This form of art media is a way for the average Joe to have their very own radio talk show covering any and all topics they want. Here at Savage MMG we have a studio specifically for podcasting. Start your own show today and join the Savage Podcast Network.

green screen

Take your video production to places you have always wanted without leaving the comfort of our studio. We offer full green screen capabilities for any and all your video needs. Call us today for availability and pricing.

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